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Whether you strive to rediscover your long-lost muscles, recover quickly and safely from illness or injury, dramatically better your sports performance or simply wish to look in the mirror and see a slimmer, stronger you, then you cannot choose better than to train with ME365, especially if you aren’t motivated to exercise and/or suffer from certain health issues.

What’s more, we want you to feel comfortable and at-ease while reaching your specialised fitness goals which is why we work-out in total privacy and in a fun and friendly atmosphere to boot.


good hands

Through our expert guidance, personalised training sessions, lifestyle and dietary advice we will help you get results much quicker and safer than you would training by yourself. This means you’ll sooner be able to enjoy the life and body you’ve always wanted. Everyone that steps foot through our door is different which is why we compile an in-depth picture of you, your diet, fitness and lifestyle and will subsequently be able to offer you a training programme that will suit you to a tee. Our trainers will work side by side with you every step of the way, keeping you motivated and making sure exercises are executed correctly to avoid injuries and, of course, maximise results.

Me365 - Customized Wellness - About - Good hands

since 2008

As specialists in teaching people how to exercise and what to eat in order to lead a healthier lifestyle, we’ve helped thousands of clients all over Mallorca improve their, fitness, mobility and quality of life. At ME365, we’re not about the latest fads and trends but focus on an evidence-based approach with results that speak louder than words.

Ready to talk to an expert? Why not pop into ME365 and meet with one of our prime personal trainers to explore the possibilities and talk about your goals? This casual meeting will also allow you to inspect our studio and gym-equipment and experience ME365’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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Founder of Espais d'entrenament i Salut i Me365
Degree in Physical Education (INEFC Lleida)
Master in Physical Activity and Health (UEM)
Postgraduate Degree in Readaptation to Effort (INEFC Barcelona)
Biomechanics training through the Resistance Institute's ERA Program.
Active personal trainer since 2003.

Ignasi Espinosa

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PhD in Sports Sciences in the field of physical activity and health. Castilla-La Mancha University.
Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sport.
Lecturer in Universities, Professional Colleges and National Training Schools.
Specialist in physical recovery for women.
Training in Biomechanics through the ERA programme of the Resistance Institute.
Trained in Yoga and Movement. Madrid Gymnastics Federation.
Trained in Functional Nutrition, Active Cellular Nutrition, Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics.
Active personal trainer since 2008.

Beatriz Moreno

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Doctorate in Exercise and Nutrition (University College Dublin)
Degree in Sports Science (University of Ireland)
Master in Strength & Conditioning (The University of Edinburgh)
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Active personal trainer since 2009.

James Timmons

See CV
Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. (University of Extremadura. INEFC Barcelona)
Official Master Teacher Training in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching. Pablo de Olavide University (Seville)
High Performance Functional Trainer (European Healt & Fitness Association, International University Sports Science)
European Personal Trainer Course (EH & FA, IU SS)
European Therapeutic Functional Training Course (EH & FA, IU SS)
Active personal trainer since 2009.

Néstor Damián

See CV
Superior Technician in Physical Sports Activities (TAFAD)
Active personal trainer since 2010.

Pere Fuster

See CV
Kinesiology in the Spanish Association of Reflexokinesia with Fernando Maldonado
Superior formation in Polarity Therapy with Fernando Maldonado
Structural Percutor with Fernando Maldonado
Acupuncture in several schools and with several teachers, such as the International University for Complementary Medicines, with Giovanni Maciocia, Master Tung points with Susan Johnson and Método Manaka in ESMTC.
Training in Active Cellular Nutrition of Nutergia (NCA) and Nutrition applied to RK.
Kobido in the Japanese School of Shiatsu

Patricia Yang

Satisfied Reviews


Me365 - Customized Wellness - About - Trainers - Testimonnial ico
Debido a mis lumbalgias, antes tenía el cuerpo rígido, me sentía limitada en mis movimientos y vieja. Ahora en cambio, me muevo con soltura y me siento mucho más joven a pesar de haber cumplido 68 años. Estoy muy satisfecha!
Marga Guilabert
Antes de venir a Me365 siempre tenía la sensación de limitación a nivel físico y acababa muy cansado al final del día. Desde que vengo, siento mejoría en mis actividades diarias, menos cansancio, mejor descanso, más fuerza y más equilibrio. Me siento con mayor confianza.
Miquel A. Ribas
Mi situación antes de venir a Me365 era patética. Me sentía floja, incapaz, sin energía, sin control de mi cuerpo. Después de un tiempo entrenando me siento mucho más ágil, activa, motivada, con más fuerza física, y las contracturas que tenía a menudo han desaparecido.
Catalina Busquets
Después de años de sentirme mal, de inactividad, anquilosado, fumando y sin fuerza física, ahora me muevo, subo escaleras, duermo bien y me siento muy animado. Estoy feliz conmigo mismo e ir a entrenar supone un aliciente en los días que me toca. En Me365 he seguido un programa de ejercicio progresivo y he recibido un calor humano que complementa la técnica.
José A. Casado
Antes de venir tenía limitaciones que me impedían movimientos o posturas que ahora me parecen algo del pasado y tenía más días malos que buenos. Me cuesta creer que no podía hacer nada con mis limitaciones físicas. Mi elasticidad y sensación de comodidad corporal son increíbles, hay dias que me cuesta creerlo. Me siento fenomenal.
José A. Noguera

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